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For over 12 years we have been helping people search ebay. SearchDome is a valuable eBay search tool for any eBay buyer.
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Create automated eBay searches that notify you about new eBay listings minutes after being listed

SearchDome provides free web based software search tools for eBay buyers. Along with great software SearchDome has provides articles on eBay Search Tips and eBay search strategies like Find Buy-it-Now early.

Get search alerts on newly listed eBay auctions minutes after the auction starts. Using SearchDome you can create automated searches that run every 15 minutes, every hour, once a day or once a week. You can create one eBay search alert or hundreds of eBay search alerts.

The value of using SearchDome eBay search tools is getting timely information on eBay auction listings that you're interested in. By proactively setting up automated searches you'll miss fewer opportunities to purchase items at bargain prices. Low priced items on eBay get purchased quickly. Some auction listings sell minutes after they are listed. Automating your eBay searches helps you find items soon after their listed. Without an automated system searching eBay you'll miss out on some of the best deals available.

SearchDome.com has been automating eBay searches since 2004. SearchDome has thousands of ebay buyers using it's automated search features every day. The free web based software has more ebay search options than any other eBay search tool. SearchDome is a registered eBay compatible application and listed in eBay's Solution Directory.

Getting started with SearchDome is easy. Create a free account and start creating automated eBay searches for products your interested in purchasing. For help creating effective searches, questions or suggestions use the Contact Us page.

SearchDome is the top rated eBay search tool for automating and managing eBay searches. For the last 12 years SearchDome users have been running thousands of searches a day. Create an eBay search on SearchDome.com and SearchDome will search eBay for you. Not just today, but tomorrow, the next day, as long as you'd like. When your search returns results you will be notified by email. It's that simple.

Automate One Search Or Hundreds

You can have one search or hundreds of eBay searches run everyday, every hour or every 15 minutes. You choose "When" each search is run. One search could run everyday at 8:00 am and another search could be run every hour. Going on vacation or perhaps you have some searches that you only need to run at different times of the year? No problem. Pause one search or all of your searches. With SearchDome your given the competitive advantage by being notified of newly started auction listing of your liking.

Rapid Searches

SearchDome offers a paid search option called Rapid Searches for eBay buyers looking for fast selling newly listed items like Cell Phones, Tablets and Notebooks. SearchDome provides users with the ability to run searches every minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes using Rapid Searches. This special feature gives active eBay buyers the most current information available on new eBay listing.

Power Search eBay

SearchDome has a special search feature called Power Search. SearchDome's eBay Power Search was built for eBay collections, book buyers, record collections, resellers or any heavy eBay purchaser. Power searches give you the ability to upload a list of related search keywords into one SearchDome search. When your Power Search is executed you receive one email with all your search results. Create one search with hundreds of different search queries. Have a couple hundred part numbers or ISBN's your interested in finding on eBay? Create one power search that searches all your keywords at one time. With the SearchDome Power Search Import Tool you can create one search for hundreds of keywords in minutes.

Give SearchDome a try. You'll be happy you did.

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